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Hi there!  I'm Kallie, creator and owner of BandWagon Headbands.  I never imagined having girls, let alone two! I started making headbands and bows when I couldn't find products I loved for my oldest.  Everything I found was too frilly, too pink, or way too expensive.  

Friends and neighbors started asking me to make them some headbands as well, and then the hobby turned in to a business. So, there I was, another stay-at-home-mom working a side hustle. I had officially hopped on the “bandwagon” selling headBANDS. Get it? 

I work hard to design and create accessories that are stylish and comfortable at prices you can afford. In addition to the items you see in our catalog, I love doing custom orders!  I've worked on special occasions like weddings as well as costumes for Halloween.  If you have a project you'd like me to work on, please reach out!  You can email me at 

Thanks for visiting - I hope you find things you love!